The Morning Show with Sybil and Martin

The Morning Show with Sybil and Martin, originally uploaded by magnum_lady.

We’ll we had an exciting couple of days. Jono and I were invited to go onto The Morning Show on TV3 (which is an Irish tv channel) to discuss Jonathan’s spinal surgery and how long he was waiting for it.

Our section was pre-recorded so we got the train to Dublin yesterday. It was just our luck that a section of the railway was flooded. So we got a nice, shiny new train to Dromod then had to get a bus to Longford. Where we had to wait for 40 minutes for the train to arrive…..and when it did it was one of those awful old commuter trains.

We finally got into Dublin at 12.40pm and a taxi was waiting to take us to TV3. We were both really nervous, we weren’t sure what to expect.

When we got to the studio we were shown to the canteen and were told to get something for our lunch. I was so nervous that for some reason I ordered a ham and stuffing panini…..I never eat As we were waiting for our lunch Martin King came in. Jono and I were both really starstruck!

After lunch we were taken to just outside the studio were Martin came and met us properly and had a long chat with us. He was very friendly and explained how the show worked. Then I had to go into a small studio where I had a microphone on me and Martin was interviewing me, although you can only see and here me on that part of the show. I was like a rabbit caught in the headlights, I was so nervous.

We were then taken in to have make up put on us. I even got my hair done. Jono got his done too.

Then Sybil Mulcahy came to meet us and have a chat. She was really friendly as well. We also met Alan Cantwell who is the TV3 newsreader. Jono got their autographs and had photos taken with them so he was delighted.

Then we went in to the studio, which we found fascinating looking at all the different sets and seeing how the show works. We did our interview, got some photos taken and then a taxi took us back to the station. I’m so proud of Jono not only has he had his spinal problem to contend with he also has Asperger’s Syndrome.  I think he’s done so well.

It was a long day, but really enjoyable. The videos are here:

17 thoughts on “The Morning Show with Sybil and Martin

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  1. Hi Celebrities,
    your link did work here – and you didn’t look nervous at all – very professional both of you.
    Hope all is well and Jono is improving.

  2. Well would you look at you 🙂 Great interview – as Michelle said, very professional and you both looked great. Well done!

  3. i’ve just watched the interview and you both came across excellently, no signs of nerves at all 🙂 and… well… this is weird seeing as i only know about jono’s story through your blog and flickr, but i was so proud of you both!!

  4. Wow! Well done Val and Jono.

    Fantastic interview and you both looked great. You did well to emphasise that it’s not those working within the system at fault but the system itself.

    My son was interviewed on the morning show last summer while I was in hospital and I was a very proud Mum/patient that day!

    I hope Jono is feeling better today.

  5. Val and Jono, well done on an excellent interview. No nerves at all were showing. It came across very balanced and emphasised the real issues. Your passion re wanting what’s best for your child and the injustice of it all shone through. Delighted to hear from Jono’s perspective also.

  6. Hi Val – it won’t download for me, so I’ll keep trying. Glad you enjoyed the experience and clearly people thought you both came across well. My heartiest congratulations for having the courage to speak up and speak with the heart. The love of our families are the most important thing in all our lives.

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