Gently Drifting

I’m still demented with insomnia, I’m back on the magnesium again to see if I can get sleep. I’ve left the phone downstairs, kept the lights down, tried listening to relaxing music, tried meditation, tried breathing and goodness knows what else but I still can’t sleep!


Today I went along to have a reiki crystal healing treatment at Gently Drift with Teresa McCabe. I’ve had reiki before but I don’t think I had them with crystals. Teresa is based at the Hair Lounge in Caltragh, she has a gorgeous room there, full of colour and calm. I could feel myself relaxing the minute I stepped in there.

I filled out the treatment form and was made comfortable on the couch. Teresa explained what she was going to do, it was all very calm and I felt safe and secure. Firstly a pendulum was used to see where there were issues and corresponding crystals were placed on my relevant chakra points.

The first thing I noticed was a feeling at the top of my head – like little sparks coming off me. It reminded me of when I was a kid and a cat was put on my head – but that’s a whole other story! Then my left shoulder got really hot and my left hand started tingling – without Teresa going anywhere near them.

What amazed me most was the heat coming from Teresa’s hands – she had them hovering over me and it was like being on a sun bed or having a heater over me. As my eyes were shut I could see colours: white, purple, green and blue flashing. It was hard for me to relax but that’s normal for me, I did stay still though and I really enjoyed the treatment.

When it was over I felt very calm and relaxed and I’m absolutely shattered tonight – so maybe I might sleep! Teresa suggested I wear something red to keep me grounded – I don’t think she had a lobster outfit in mind though!


Thanks so much Teresa for your healing hands and calming way, this was just what I needed. You can find Gently Drift here.



A bit of a challenging day. Firstly if you follow me on Facebook you will have read about my Krakow dilemma. I’m going to Krakow next week and I’m always giving Jono stick for booking rough places….well I seem to have beaten him!

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Faro Insomnia

Ah here you’d think when you go on holiday and walk for miles you’d sleep…not a bit of it.

Between the bed creaking from the room next door- if it goes on much longer I’m tempted to give them a can of wd40 – and Jono breathing loudly I’ve given up trying to sleep. I’m now googling what time it gets light and wondering if the McDonald’s down the road is 24hr, if it is I’m going to eat my bodyweight in ice cream!

The thing is that I don’t even feel tired at this stage. In fact the last few days I feel like I have so much energy I want to go running – and I hate running.

I’ll say this much there’s some stamina next door!

Rain and sun in Portugal

Jono and I are in Portugal for two nights. It’s mainly to give him a change of scenery and as the flights were so cheap and we flew from Ireland West Airport Knock which is so convienient.

In less than three hours we were in Faro, it was cheaper and quicker than getting from Sligo to Dublin by train.

There are plenty of wheelchairs at the airport so I was able to wheel Jono through security and we had tickets for the executive lounge which was just blissful altogether. We were the only ones in there and there are a variety of snacks and drinks so of course we had vodka at 9.30am!

We stayed in the lounge until the queue for the plane had gone. If anyone has anxiety the executive lounge is definitely worth it. You are away from all the hustle and bustle and it’s the perfect way to start your trip.

The flight was great, apart from the fact it was lashing rain. We’d booked an airport transfer so our driver was waiting for us at Faro. So much easier than trying to navigate public transport.

Our guesthouse – well Jono has a knack for booking dodgy places and this is no exception – but it’s clean. We were roaring laughing when we arrived. The door was opened by the cleaner who barked at us to go to reception – she ran ahead of us and flew in behind the desk – she was also the receptionist! It was like something you’d see in a comedy sketch! The room is small and the beds feel quite damp but hey it was cheap!

We’ve had a look around the nearest shopping centre and I’ve been exploring down by the harbour.

Tomorrow is our first and last full day as we come home on Saturday but it’s been perfect for a break and I’d definitely come back to Faro again.