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Glass Class with Graham Reid


Today was a brilliant day, you’ll know if you regularly read the blog that I’ve discovered a creative side to me. I’ve always been interested in arts and crafts and even more so in trying them out for myself. So today I went to a glass bead making class at Graham Reid Design.

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Mindful Moments

There have been a few times this week where I actually found myself totally relaxed.

For me this is nothing short of a miracle because even if I’m sitting down my mind is usually galloping ahead.

The first moment was on Sunday. I was going to a drawing class but had a bit of time so I took a detour to a secluded spot near the sea.

I went for a walk and although I took a couple of photos I didn’t go online. I enjoyed the sun beating down, listened to the seagulls cry and watched the seals splashing about in the water. I noticed the heart shaped seaweed and the starlings searching for their breakfast in it. I was perfectly content and relaxed.

The relaxation carried on to the drawing class where at times I was so chilled I could have fallen asleep. There’s something almost hypnotic about the sound of pencil on paper.

The next profound moment happened on my way into work at Knock airport. I was in for the early shift on Tuesday and I love driving on the quiet lanes before the world has woken up.

As I approached the airport a hare crossed the road. He stopped for a moment and gazed up at the statue of Monseigner Horan before hopping away. It was a perfect moment of stillness and I felt lucky to have seen it.

In a busy world it’s hard to disconnect from all the noise and always being tapped in to some form of media. When I stop and start to notice things around me it makes such a difference.

I’ve even had two good night’s sleep. Thanks to the piriton rather than the relaxation! Small steps. Learning to relax first and the sleep will follow.

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Calendars and cows


I put a shout out over on Facebook as to if there’d be any interest in a 2019 calendar of my photos. There was a resounding yes so I’m in the process of taking pre-orders. I usually order them from Northern Ireland due to high costs but I’m delighted to say that this year they will be printed in Sligo.

I love to support local businesses whenever I can and Printfix were very quick with a quote which is around the same price as I was paying up North. I went in to have a look at their samples and Caitriona couldn’t have been more helpful. I even got a cup of tea and was offered biscuits – just one of the benefits from a bricks and mortar business!

So if you are interested you can order yours here. I’m hoping that they’ll be ready at the beginning of October when I will start posting them.

In other news everything else is good, except for sleep – but I’ve more or less given up on that. I’m loving my new job, I love being in the airport – there’s such a buzz about the place and I love talking to people. I’m really going to miss it when the contract is up but at least I know I’ve got a bit of a gift of the gab so maybe something similar will come along.

On the way home this afternoon I got stuck in a traffic jam, my favourite kind of traffic jam. One of the things I love about Ireland is expecting the unexpected. The way the dog was rounding up the cows was fascinating too.

In other news Ryanair have a sale on (again), they seem to be turning into the DFS of the travel world. Anyway I’m heading to Romania in October for two nights, I saw it on a travel programme and it looks fantastic. So that’ll be something to look forward to 🙂 Who knows I might even meet Dracula.

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A new day and a new blog

I’m off again separating blogs, Magnumlady will continue as it always has. Mainly a diary, travel, photos, life etc. I’ve already got Sligo Hub which is covering the Sligo events, community etc.

Now there is a new ‘baby’ blog. This one is called Just Words and will take over the memories and random words that pop into my head. Some will be truth, some will be fiction and some will be a mix. You can find it over here, hope to see you there.