Simply Sligo – Gift Ideas

Sligo have a great variety of shops and markets, OK so we don’t have Marks and Spencer but we do have some unique places to shop. I’ve decided to do a post of gift ideas….all of these are aimed at me to be honest! I’ve decided if I like them, some of you will.

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A change of plan

I was meant to be flying from Knock to Stansted for the day today just to see if it was possible and how much I’d get to see.

The weather has been fairly bad here with snow and freezing temperatures and it’s much worse in the UK. Some flights in to Luton and Stansted were cancelled yesterday and Stansted Airport looked packed last night.

I couldn’t sleep last night for worrying. I had a feeling telling me not to go. I also had a cracking migraine. 

I think I made the right choice. The photo above is our road, pure ice. When I switched on my computer the first email I saw had the subject title ‘Disaster Averted’. It gave me shivers! 

London can wait.