Online shopping with a difference

I love charity shops and with non-essential shops being closed at the moment that also means charity shops are closed too. I know a lot of people are enjoying online shopping for a bit of retail therapy but how about an online shop with a difference? Thriftify is an online charity shop based in Ireland... Continue Reading →

Beetroot and Broccoli Curry

I was at Reggie's Veggies stall today in Tubbercurry and he has a great range of fruit and vegetables so I decided to experiment with some that I bought and I made this curry. Here's the recipe in case you'd like to try it yourself. If you don't have all the ingredients just use whatever... Continue Reading →

A New Chapter

One of the things I've been learning over the last year is that I can't do everything. I used to be a yes person, I'd say yes to everything, there was a time that I thought if I said yes it might help me in life. I've realised that's not always the case. Sometimes I... Continue Reading →

New Year Online Classes

With the new year and the new lockdown some of you might be looking for online courses and classes so I've decided to write a post about some I've spotted. It's a great way to learn something new or improve on a skill you already have and it's also a great way to distract yourself... Continue Reading →

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