Hair Raising Experiences

So after my fantastic day at RTE it’s back to earth with a bang. The stylists make it all look so easy so I thought I’d try to do my hair like Pam did it. I got the bloody hairbrush stuck!! I couldn’t get it out of my hair at all and I had visions of having to cut it out! Thankfully I calmed down and managed to unravel it without too much hair loss.

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On the way to a new me!

Well it’s been such an exciting week! I got a phone call on Monday from RTE inviting me onto the Today Show for a makeover!

Of course that was one of the big things on my bucket list as well as a trip to Cork…and the show is filmed in Cork. Two rocks off the list.

I’m really looking forward to meeting everyone and being on the TV. You can watch tomorrow on RTE One from 3.30pm.

Blue Monday

Today was a wonderful day for me. I know it was Blue Monday and it was raining but it was wonderful. We had our coffee morning and so many people turned up, it was so lovely seeing people talking to each other and new connections being made.

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