Winning Ways

It’s been a great week. I’m still celebrating my birthday – in my head anyway! My friend took me for lunch at the Coach House Hotel in Ballymote yesterday and I skipped the main course and went straight to the dessert with mini doughnuts and melted Nutella – yum!

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Ripples and waves

I was thinking over the last few months firstly about how much I am drawn to water. I love the energy of it and the wonder at what lies beneath the surface. I love the reflections, the movement and the stillness of it. The ebb and the flow of waves, rhythmic,  like a heartbeat.

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Another insomnia blog

I’ve been doing really well lately on the sleep front…until tonight. It’s been an amazing few days, if I knew it was going to be this much fun I’d have turned 50 years ago.

It’s a lot to take in as well. Like a sensory overload if you know what I mean. The biggest shock was how thoughtful people have been. I have to admit I kind of struggle with birthdays and I’m not very comfortable being the centre of attention… which kind of surprised me. It’s amazing what you learn about yourself.

A couple of things happened over the last few days which would normally have really upset me but they haven’t. Progress! Instead of focusing on the negative I’ve looked at the bigger picture. Everything happens for a reason and all that.

It’s mad looking back at how I was this time last year…a nervous wreck! And where I am now. It’s like two different people. I’m planning my trip to Auschwitz, it’s a place I’ve wanted to visit ever since I can remember. This is the year I’ll go.

I’ve decided that what went before was just a dress rehearsal, now it’s time to get on with the show. Life begins at 50.