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There are some things of interest I've noticed in Sligo recently so I thought I'd tell you about them in a post. Sligo Walking Tours Sligo Walking Tours are back with their Sligo Dark Tales Walk, this takes place every Saturday evening during the summer and it's a fantastic way to hear about the dark... Continue Reading →


It's been a busy few days, Jono had his birthday on Friday and yesterday it was Andy's birthday and also our wedding anniversary. We've been married for 31 years, which have flown! It seems like only a few weeks ago that I looked like a demented hamster wearing a giant meringue. 😉 Our wedding We... Continue Reading →

Art Sale in aid of Wildlife West Rescue

Wildlife West Rescue are based in Sligo and are doing an amazing job of rescuing and rehabilitating sick and injured wildlife. Most recently they rescued 5 cygnets who had lost their parents and were too young to fend for themselves. Alex and Elaine, who run the rescue would really appreciate any support. I've put some... Continue Reading →

BCRFM Show – 6th June, 2021

If you missed my radio show on Ballina Community Radio FM you can listen back below. There's an hour of upbeat music and tales of what I've been up to. Thanks so Mayo North for sponsoring the show.

A Farm with a Difference in Roscommon

If you are looking for a totally relaxed couple of hours, I have just the place for you. Mountallen Farm isn't your average farm, it's something very special, and a must visit for nature and wildlife lovers. You can enjoy a biodiversity and ecology farm tour in North Roscommon, overlooking Lough Allen and Sliabh an... Continue Reading →

Take a look at Branley’s Yard

I love Branley's Yard in Rathcormac, Sligo. It's such a friendly, welcoming place, and there's always so much to see. The great news is that the market will reopen this Saturday June 5th, 2021, it's being transformed to become a large open air market, which will be partly covered. There will also be ample space... Continue Reading →

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