My morning at TV3

It was a very exciting but hectic week. I got a phone call on Monday to say my photo was a finalist in the Ireland AM monthly photo competition - the theme was Love. I had to be in Dublin for 9am so I got up at 4am as I was driving and I wanted... Continue Reading →

Ireland AM Live from Sligo

Today was an exciting day for Sligo. TV3 bought their Ireland AM show to broadcast live from The Glasshouse Hotel. I got to meet Anna Daly who is a lovely lady. It was great to see Sligo showcased on national television. Sharon Conway and her band Ruby Ridge were just one of the bands there... Continue Reading →

Sunny Sligo

Sunny Sligo, originally uploaded by magnum_lady. Well it's been a really lovely couple of days. I actually managed to get the grass cut today and caught up on all the washing. In the middle of it all we heard the 'Mr. Whippy' van so the kids and I piled into the car and whizzed of... Continue Reading →

The Morning Show with Sybil and Martin

The Morning Show with Sybil and Martin, originally uploaded by magnum_lady. We'll we had an exciting couple of days. Jono and I were invited to go onto The Morning Show on TV3 (which is an Irish tv channel) to discuss Jonathan's spinal surgery and how long he was waiting for it. Our section was pre-recorded... Continue Reading →

Jono in the Irish Daily Mail

On Tuesday Jono was featured in the Irish Daily Mail showing the before and after photo of his back. Then we got a call from TV3 which is an Irish tv channel. They want myself and Jono to go on The Morning Show next week to talk about the problems leading up to Jonathans surgery... Continue Reading →

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