A celebration of women

Tomorrow is International Women’s Day and it’s been a week of mixing with various ladies so I thought I’d write something. In the last couple of years lots of women have come into my life and the majority have been wonderful. It’s a shame it’s only the celebrities who get the recognition because I’ve met […]

Leap of Faith

This being Leap Day, the lovely Amanda Grace, aka This Pilgrim Soul, posted a tweet asking people about their leaps of faith. So it got me thinking and there are so many times I’ve take a leap of faith. Here are just some that came to mind. I suppose the first big leap was moving […]

green bridge

Keep the faith

It’s a year ago since my life started to turn around. It was a tough time leading up to it and I really didn’t think I’d get back to being me or the me I was before the depression kicked in. But here I am. Back with a bang. Not back to being the old […]

Little boxes

There’s an advert on TV at the moment with the song Little Boxes on it. It’s an old song but I like it. It’s also a technique that really helps me. I’d forgotten about it for a while and you might think I’m barking but here we go. I used to imagine I had compartments […]


After a long time of feeling like I’m winning I feel a bit like retreating. I pushed myself a bit and now I feel a bit daft. It’s strange because I’ve noticed that some people only kept in touch when I was at my lowest. It’s OK though, I have my family and my camera […]

Talking to an angel

This year I’ve had a few lovely people come into my life. Tanya is one of those, she runs Reiki Concept Therapies and I went to see her shortly after my mum died. I had no energy and almost cancelled my treatment because I was so tired.I went though and I’m so glad I did. […]