BCRFM August Bank Holiday Show

If you missed my Bank Holiday show on BCRFM you can listen back below. There’s an hour of summery songs and lots of chat. You can hear The Kinks, The Cure and more. BCRFM August Bank Holiday Show

Radio Show – July 5th

I was back on BCRFM today, mainly talking about movies I’ve seen recently – and the awful weather! If you missed the show, you can listen back here:  

Lough Gill

Sunday thoughts

Welcome to number 10 of the Sunday thought posts. It’s lashing down and blowing a gale outside, it’s been like this for the last couple of days. It seems to be a pattern that April is summer and June is a wash out. My emotions feel very much like the weather. We are entering a […]

June BCRFM Shows

It’s great to be back on Ballina Community Radio, I’m delighted that my show is now twice a month. At the moment the shows go out live on the website but I know with time differences it can be hard for people to tune in so I’ve decided to put the shows on this page. […]

Phase 1

Here we go with the sleepless nights again. This is night number 2 and I’m wide awake, so I’ll write in the hope it’ll send me to sleep. It seems like the country is starting to emerge. Phase one kicked off on Monday and judging from the amount of people and cars I saw today […]

Sunday Thoughts

Another Sunday, these posts seem to be coming a bit of a ritual. I have a lot of ‘nice posts’ I should be writing, but my mind won’t focus on those at the moment so you have another of these. Groundhog Day has turned into Groundhog week or month. It’s great when the sun is […]