Happy Hour

Happy Hour is the name of my radio slot on Ballina Community Radio. It was meant to be a one off show but I enjoyed it so much I’m going to make it a monthly thing. The second one was tougher than the first. Strange really because I’d have expected it to be easier. I […]

water and woods

Here we go again

I spoke too soon about kicking the insomnia because here I am again wide awake at a silly hour. I took Jono to see a physical therapist yesterday in the hope he might get some relief. He had an appointment with pain management last week and was so happy because he thought he’d get his […]

Hello insomnia

Yes I’m awake at a stupid hour. Back to this craic again. I did try to go back to sleep and not look at my phone but after 2 hours of nothingness I decided to blog. It’s two weeks since my mum died. It’s a strange feeling. Part of me feels quite alone in the […]

Thursday Thoughts

It’s a week since mum’s funeral. My sleeping patterns are still a bit all over the place. I was up early so I headed off to the Lough Gill viewing point, one of my favourite places in Sligo. Only today I wasn’t alone. I parked the car and a woman started walking towards me. I […]

A Kayaking Adventure

This weekend was the Taste of Adventure weekend organised by Adventure Sligo. It was the chance to try one of the many adventures we have here in Sligo from horse-riding to hiking, surfing to sailing and everything in between. I chose to go out on a kayak trip of Lough Gill with Sligo Kayak Tours. […]

New wheels

I’m too excited to sleep. This is my new baby! You know I’m always banging on about my car well I’d bit the bullet and applied for a car loan from Sligo Credit Union. They made it so easy from start to finish. I filled out the form online and heard back in a couple […]