Sunday Thoughts

There were two things of interest this week, the first one is that the blog is now 12 years old. Twelve years of ups, downs, and everything in between. I've really enjoyed writing the blog and I hope you've enjoyed reading it. I try to keep it varied, just like life is 🙂 The other... Continue Reading →

Sunday Thoughts

I was part of something lovely yesterday, it was empowering and encouraging and it got me thinking. I was thinking about the kind words and the genuine smiles, the compassion and the honesty, and most of all a feeling of belonging. It got me thinking, wouldn't it be wonderful if life was like that all... Continue Reading →

Two Years Ago

Two years ago I was in a very different place. My confidence was at an all time zero and I didn't believe I could really do anything. I saw an event taking place at the IT Sligo, it was called Blooming Queens and it was an invent to inspire women. I signed up and I... Continue Reading →

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