Thoughts about Strong Women

This topic has been buzzing around my head for a while now, I always find it I write about something it gets it out of my head and makes room for something else. My head is like one big bee hive, all the thoughts and ideas flying around - it's a busy place! Anyway I... Continue Reading →

Sunday Thoughts

Another Sunday and another big jumble of thoughts. This week there was a big announcement about restrictions being eased, there is a name for it, pathway to something or other I think, but I can't remember. To be honest it strikes a fear in me. At this stage I think I'm institutionalised. I was out... Continue Reading →

The Village

I paid a return trip to the village in Glen Wood. This village is really no more than two or three cottages, it's hidden away in the middle of a forest and hasn't really gained much attention until recently. The forestry are doing some work around there so the place has been opened up, no... Continue Reading →

Sunday Thoughts

Strandhill It's been a fabulous week weather wise and I finally got to the sea - not once but twice! The first visit was a socially distanced coffee with a friend. I love meeting this lady, she understands me and it's so lovely not to be second guessing myself before I speak....and not to come... Continue Reading →

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