A day with a difference


Do you know when you meet someone and it’s like you’ve known them for years? Well that happened today.

A lady who I’ve chatted to on Twitter is visiting Ireland so we met up and I took her on a whistle stop tour of some of my favourite places.


We started in The Holy Well and did a tour around Lough Gill including The Isle of Innisfree, Hazelwood, Glencar and Gleniff.

I have to admit I was a bit apprehensive. It’s easy to chat to someone through a screen, in 120 characters, but a whole other ballgame in real life. I can be quite shy sometimes too – believe it or not!

Anyway the moment we met I felt like I’d met a long-lost friend. It was like Thelma and Louise and I don’t think I stopped talking once!


I hope she comes back again soon. I’m thinking a trip to Mayo next time. It’s great seeing Ireland through someone else’s eyes. I’m so passionate about the place and it’s fantastic to see how someone else reacts when seeing it for the first time šŸ˜.

Thank you to the lady for her company, it was a real pleasure.

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I can see clearly now…

I’ve had a bit of trouble with my eyes in the last few months. They’ve been burning and really sore so I asked around for recommendations and a few people suggestedĀ Mulreany Guckian Opticians so I booked an eye test and I have to say I was so impressed!

From start to finish the ladies couldn’t have been more helpful. I knew I had a traumatic cataract on my right eye, I was told at a hospital appointment. I reckon I was dropped on my head as a kid! I was told at a previous appointment that I had a cataract on my other eye too and I have to say I was paranoid about that. So Lisa, who did my eye test, was really thorough and told me that there is nothing to worry about…phew.

I had all kinds of tests including an amazing OCT 3D scan done of my eyes (which is done as an optional extra). This is really useful as it gives a clear view of the retina. It was so interesting seeing a 3D image of my eyes, apparently my eyes are really healthy which is fantastic news. Lisa suggested eye drops to help with my painful eyes and also suggested some sunglasses with my lens in that I need (I’m short-sighted).

I found with the last two opticians I went to that I was encouraged to get reading glasses even though I never wear them. In fact one of the very well known opticians told me at my age I would need them. There was none of that with Mulreany Guckian, I wasn’t pressured into anything and I felt that I was listened to.

Today I picked up my new prescription sunglasses and oh my goodness I can’t begin to tell you the relief I’ve had already. The burning, sensitive, eyes feel soothed, it’s like having a comfy blanket. I just have to ignore the fact I feel a bit like Bono!

If you are in Sligo and need an eye test I’d really recommend Mulreany Guckian and this isn’t a sponsor post in case anyone is wondering, you can find them here.

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One door closes


It was my last day at Ireland West Airport today. It’s a bittersweet day. I’ve loved my summer job there. I’ve learned a lot about myself and about other people.

When I first started there I wasn’t sure that I’d have the courage to walk up to strangers and carry out a survey. I did it with no bother and not only that I enjoyed talking to them.

I also used to take it quite personally when someone refused to answer. I quickly got over that. We have no idea how people are feeling so it’s absolutely fine if they don’t want to talk and I still wished them a safe journey.

I smiled a lot more. People respond much better if you smile. I loved the little glimpse into people’s lives. I loved talking to them about their holiday and I was always interested in what they had to say and what the highlights of their trip was.

I also heard all about Brexit, car hire rip offs and lots of other things. I loved the buzz of the airport. It’s such a happy place to work in.

Now I have to look for something else to keep me out of mischief and pay the bills. It was great while it lasted.



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More than a feeling

I went along to the Mamogs Pregnancy and Family Wellness Day today in the Sligo Park Hotel…and before you ask I’m not pregnant! It sounded like a great day with a lot of interesting speakers and it was a great event.

I listened to John G Coaching speak and I was really interested in what he had to say. He was explaining how we go through a range of emotions throughout the course of a day and what is important is how we deal with them.

We might blame our circumstances or certain people and places on having a negative impact on us when really the feelings are all in our heads. So John helps people ‘get out their heads’ and look at the bigger picture.

He was reminding us of when we were younger, we might have had a teddy/blanket etc that we were attached to…and the emotions we got from it; love, security, happiness. The item was no more than material, or fluff, so the emotion was coming from within us.

As we get older we might find ourselves saying we’ll be happier if we ‘just’ had more money, a bigger car, a bigger house. If we get these things we are often looking for the next big thing. So instead of looking to material things to fulfil our lives we need to look within ourselves and work out how to make ourselves feel better and deal with our emotions.

I’m probably not explaining myself very well but if you get a chance do go and hear John speak, it was really interesting, and well done Mamogs on a great day.


In praise of M&S

A post in praise Marks and Spencer. When I was a young thing I used to chuckle at my mother shopping in M&S, how little I knew. When I got older I realised M&S did the best knickers, they held in the bits they were meant to and lasted for years.

Yesterday the charity shop had jeans for a euro so I got a pair or 8. Today I sighed as I tried them on. It was a workout in itself, the minute I got anywhere near my knees the jeans wouldn’t budge. No amount of yanking or struggling worked and I ended up worn out and puffing like a steam train. As for the Penneys/Primark/Denim Collection or whatever they call themselves now the ankle was the limit.

Not so with the M&S jeans, they glided up my legs and I was still able to breathe and walk which is always a bonus. So well done Marks and Spencer, making clothes for real people.

*not a sponsored post….I wish it was!


Frazzled Friday

Well the rainy weather hasn’t had the best effect on people if work was anything to go by. I heard complaints about everything and anything from the price of breakfast rolls to the weather but sometimes people just need to vent and that’s OK.

I had a double shift today so in between I took a spin to Kilkelly, which is a small town just off the N17, anyway they have a great charity shop there so if you are looking for a bargain check them out. I got Lucy a leopard print jacket for ā‚¬3! I shouldn’t really be fuelling her leopard print obsession but it’s harmless enough.

I’ve just two days left at Knock airport and I’ll really miss it (except the complainers, or maybe even the complainers!) it just shows you that sometimes you need to try something different. I never thought I’d be able to walk up to people and survey them but I’ve loved it. It took a couple of days to get over the ‘cold questioning’ but I’m not phased by it at all now. So maybe market research is my thing.

I’ve taken to reading spiritual books, at the moment I’m reading ‘How to Meet and Work with your Spirit Guides’ by Ted Andrews. It’s really quite interesting, the chapter I read yesterday was saying to ask your guide a question. So last night when I was going to bed I asked for guidance and in my dream I could see a crossroads and a woman’s voice telling me I was heading in the right direction and to keep going. It was so vivid and stuck in my mind when I woke up. Now it could be all in my imagination but who knows?

I have to give a little mention to the calendars. Out of the 100 I got printed I now only have 11 left! They are flying out the door. Liber, Sligo have a good stock of them but I just have the 11 so if you want one don’t miss out. You can buy them here.

Thanks so much to everyone who has bought one already, very much appreciated.