Tomorrow’s the big day!

Well tomorrow is the day of the Blog Awards Ireland and the blog made it through to the final of the best personal blog category. To say I’m nervous is an understatement! I’m not great at social events…I can communicate much better from behind a computer 😉 In another way I’m really looking forward to it though. I will get to meet follow bloggers and people I feel I already know through their blogs and twitter.

People often ask me why I blog. Well for me it started off as a diary, my dad was very ill, Jono had some health problems and we had a battle to get the spinal surgery he so desperately needed so it was a way for me to get a lot of things off my chest. To be honest in the beginning I didn’t really think anyone read it! The amount of support we had when Jono had his surgery was over-whelming though and I’m so grateful to everyone for that. You can read a bit more about that here.

Also there were the postive stories like when Dublin Zoo invited some bloggers (including me) for ‘Breakfast at the Zoo’ which I loved. It was so wonderful to get up close and personal with the animals and to learn more about them.

Another great experience was when Jono and I were asked to be on ‘The Morning Show with Sybil and Martin’. It was nerve-wracking but we really enjoyed meeting the people at TV3 and seeing what goes on behind the scenes.

My blog is still a diary of the things I get up to (although at times it seems to be a touristy blog). I love exploring and of course photography is still my favourite thing so I guess the blog and the photos go hand in hand. Thanks so much to all you lovely people out there who take the time to read the blog and to comment 🙂


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