Alice in Wonderland

Today we went to the cinema to see Alice in Wonderland. Lucy already went to see it over the weekend…. but never one to turn down popcorn she came with us again.

The cinema for some reason are only showing it once a day so it was packed in there. Of course we had to get the family from hell behind us. The children were way too young and not at all interested in the film so they talked really loudly through it…and their mother answered them really loudly. Then they started kicking the back of our seats so Jono came out with a backache.

Anyway apart from that we enjoyed the film. It’s the first 3D film I’ve seen in years and the glasses are a bit odd but it’s nice not to have a red and blue lens in them.

Some of the 3D effects were good with things flying ‘out of the screen’…..I flinched a few times lol. I suppose I was hoping it would be all singing and dancing like Charlie and the Chocolate factory but there were no songs in the film.

The only dance in it is at the end where the Mad Hatter (Johnny Depp) does the ‘Futterwack’.

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  1. hello! how about this for a coincidence? I wanted a pic of a daffodil for my own blog and googled daffodils…
    it led me to a site which listed your blog as one of its favorites…
    and i recognised your name and just wondered – and then realised – yes! we know each other from SSO forum 😉
    what a small (and lovely) world.
    I hope that you and your son are doing well
    love from linda

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