Ten Photos of Beautiful Leitrim

Leitrim is a beautiful county, full of hidden gems, great food experiences, and some of the friendliest people I've met. It's the perfect place to go exploring, or enjoy a slow adventure. Here are ten photos to inspire you to visit. The first two photos are at O'Rourke's Table, Newtownmanor. The walkway is closed at... Continue Reading →

Ten Photos of beautiful Sligo

Sligo is often overlooked as a tourist destination in Ireland. This baffles me because we fell in love with the place after coming here on holiday 32 years ago. So much so that we moved over from the UK the following year. To show you just how beautiful it is I thought I post some... Continue Reading →

My St. Patrick’s Day 2022

After a break of two years, it was great to see the parades and the St. Patrick's Day celebrations back again. The weather in Sligo wasn't the best, there were some heavy shower, but it was dry enough for the most part. I went into town early, I usually do so that I can avoid... Continue Reading →

Sligo Snow Days

We've had two days of snow in the last week. We don't often get snow, so it's nice to see it when we do get it, and I like it if I don't have to go out in it. We have been fairly battered with storms recently, we had Storm Eunice (which wasn't much to... Continue Reading →

Doolough, Co. Mayo

Knocknashee I love heading off on road trips and I love exploring places that I've never been to before. There's also something about autumnal skies that add to the journey. I left home before the sun woke up and took a drive to Louisburgh in County Mayo, as I reached Knocknashee - the hill of... Continue Reading →

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