Drawn to Water

It’s been hard to get motivated so far this year. I was beginning to think the spark had well and truly gone…until today.

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They might be giants

Claremorris Greenway

The title is a nod to a band – bonus points if you can name one of their songs (which also happens to be one of my favourites). Anyway I’m off tangent already! Last week I had some time to kill and Claremorris was on my way to Ashford Castle so I went exploring.

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The Marker Hotel

It’s hard to believe it’s a week ago since I went to BloggerConf. Not only did I go I was asked to speak as part of the Irish Bloggers Group about our ‘Just One Thing’ – mine one thing is here. I was so nervous and referred to myself as a dinosaur – which I felt like compared to most of the young things. I also felt old enough to be mammy to most of my fellow bloggers!

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Halloween Weekend in Northern Ireland


It’s been a busy, but really enjoyable weekend spent mainly in Northern Ireland. Sunday was spent in Derry for the ‘Out of this World’ Halloween event. One day I will spend a night there because I always miss the parade due to bus times. I’m still kicking myself that I was invited by Discover Northern Ireland to spend a weekend in Derry but it was when we were moving house so I couldn’t make it 😦
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