My Sligo Suggestions

With certain restrictions easing from April 12th it means that we will be able to travel within our counties. I’m very excited because I haven’t been to the seaside or some of my favourite places for a while, I’ve written this post so those of you who live in Sligo might find inspiration, or if... Continue Reading →

Coolaney is a Soundtown

Some months ago I nominated Coolaney to the Today FM #soundtown campaign. I was delighted that although Coolaney didn't win the overall prize, it was a November winner and I got to tell Alison Curtis about our wonderful village. I'm very grateful I got the opportunity to put the spotlight on our very special village.... Continue Reading →

Ox Mountain Glamping

Sometimes I go to places that just take my breath away, places that are so special I want to tell the world about them. Today I visited one of those places. I'd seen some posts on Social Media about a red bus in the heart of the Ox Mountains in Sligo and because I'm nosey... Continue Reading →

The Knocknashee Walk

Knocknashee (the hill of the fairies) is very close to where I live and I've wanted to walk up in for a long time. I'm delighted that there is now an official walk up there and I went up a couple of weeks ago. Weather wise it wasn't the best day but if you are... Continue Reading →

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