An Chroi Digital Hub 

With so many of us working remotely since the Covid-19 pandemic began, it can be a challenge to find a quiet place to work. Coffee shops are great, but you can't have a zoom meeting in one, or rely on a fast internet connection, this is where the remote working hubs have become a necessity,... Continue Reading →

To The Village in the Woods

As you know I love exploring but after a busy day yesterday I didn't feel like driving for miles today. I'll tell you more about yesterday in another blog post. I'm blessed to live in a beautiful area, with many hidden gems close by. Today I went back to the village in the woods, I've... Continue Reading →

SG turns 40!

There are great celebrations planned for this Saturday, as SG Education and Art Shop turn 40. You are all invited to come along from 1pm - 3pm and you can read all the details in the poster above. One of the reasons I'm sharing this is that they have come up with a great way... Continue Reading →

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