Cold Christmas

Cold Christmas, originally uploaded by magnum_lady(away).

This is today, around -8 last night. Freezing fog today.
If it doesn’t clear tomorrow, we’ll be having cat food for Christmas dinner šŸ˜‰

The ‘nursing’ is going OK at the moment.

Poor Jono is in a lot of pain, bless him. He can’t seem to get comfortable. It’s early days yet though. At least he has now started eating, he lost a load of weight and he was very slim anyway. I measured him today and he is now 5’6″ so he’s grown over 4 inches due to the surgery. He’s now much taller then me and a little bit taller then Lucy (she’s not impressed!)

So anyway to tell you a bit about our time in Dublin. It was the longest week of my life. We travelled up on Monday 14th, the journey was fine apart from on the Luas when a gentleman sat opposite us and was trying to knock his tooth out with his knee.

We got to the hospital just after 2pm and were sitting around for hours. Jono’s chart hadn’t arrived so there was a bit of panic. They did an xray and took some blood tests and finally he got a bed. He was fasting from midnight and was in a ward. Poor fella was starving especially when another child was taken in to the ward at 4am eating spare ribs.

I had a little parents room just down the hall. It was very basic just a bed, sink and wardrobe in it. It was great to be able to stay in the hospital though. There was also a tea room and shower room for parents too. The hospital is really lovely, it was very Christmassy, and bright and cheerful.

Anyway on the 15th we were still waiting around because the chart hadn’t arrived. Jono was getting really worried that it wasn’t going to happen. Then at around 8.30am the consultant came in with the chart, I had to sign (and I burst into tears…..but managed to control myself in front of Jono). Then he was wheeled to the operating theatre. I saw him being put to sleep and held his hand. Then completely fell to pieces and of course I was on my own because Andy was in Sligo General.

I wandered around in a daze that day. I walked over to The Square shopping centre but didn’t really take anything in. Andy and my mum were phoning to see if there was any news. Lucy kept texting me. Such an awful day. I kept going back to the ward and was told there was no news. Santa was going around the ward with some carol singers, again that set me off….and I’m not a cryer usually. Then the nurse called me into her office to say three boxes had arrived for us from a lovely lady that I met through flickr. She lives in Texas and to think she had gone to all the trouble to send gifts just amazed me… there I was blubbing again.

Finally at 4.30pm they told me Jono was out of surgery. I went up to the theatre but I wasn’t allowed to see him until 5.15pm. The consultant came out and said it all went well and that Jono was fine and chatting away which he said was unusual.

When I went in, Jono smiled at me and was so happy it was all over and couldn’t believe it. He had a morphine drip and a little button that he could press if he needed more pain relief. It looked like a nintendo wii remote so he was calling it ‘morphine the game’.

He was kept in PACU for the night (Post anathestic care unit) and moved the next day to a high dependency unit where he stayed until Thursday evening when he was moved to a room on a ward.

It was scary seeing him with all the tubes all over him, over the first few days they came out and he looked more himself. The rest of the time in hospital seemed to pass by in a bit of a blur. Jono was feeling really rough so I stayed on a camp bed in the room with him so I could keep an eye on him. His temperature was slightly high so he had a fan in his room. The consultant visited twice and was very happy with the way things were going. The wound had a slight bleed which was worrying and then Jono started bringing up blood but they think that was caused by Diffene tablets so they took him off them.

The nurses and all the staff in the National Childrens Hospital are great and we are very grateful to them for their care. Also thank you so much to all of you for your kind wishes, they mean so much to us xx

9 thoughts on “Cold Christmas

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  1. Yay, well done Robus family.
    This will be the best Christmas ever, now thats all behind ye.
    Bestest wishes to Val, Lucy, Jono and Andy

  2. Reading that brought a tear to my eye.
    I’m so pleased he got a good correction and even though it’ll be hard for a while to get comfy, it’ll be a memorable Christmas for you all.
    Very best wishes to you and your family

  3. Good to hear you have both your menfolk home. Hope they are both doing well and that you have managed to get something other than cat food for Christmas dinner šŸ™‚

  4. Oh, I am SO happy for you and Jono. At last he has had his surgery. Such a brave lad (and he did not lick it off the stones Mammy) He has grown since surgery…how fab is that????? Have a wonderful Christmas all of you. Love Pam

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