Cold Christmas

It’s hard to believe that it’s five years ago today both Jono and Andy came home from hospital. The years really do fly.

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Cold Christmas, originally uploaded by magnum_lady(away).

This is today, around -8 last night. Freezing fog today.
If it doesn’t clear tomorrow, we’ll be having cat food for Christmas dinner 😉

The ‘nursing’ is going OK at the moment.

Poor Jono is in a lot of pain, bless him. He can’t seem to get comfortable. It’s early days yet though. At least he has now started eating, he lost a load of weight and he was very slim anyway. I measured him today and he is now 5’6″ so he’s grown over 4 inches due to the surgery. He’s now much taller then me and a little bit taller then Lucy (she’s not impressed!)

So anyway to tell you a bit about our time in Dublin. It was the longest week of my life. We travelled up on Monday 14th, the journey was fine apart from on the Luas…

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