Christmas Eve

Christmas Eve, originally uploaded by magnum_lady.

This was taken this morning at around 9am.

It’s still freezing, it was -12 last night! My gas bottle keeps freezing up for my cooker so I have to keep pouring warm water over it.

Jono seems to be a bit brighter today and he has eaten more then usual so that’s good. Andy is much the same. The physiotherapist has told him to do these ‘pelvic thrust’ type exercises to try and get the curve into his back… should all be very thankful that you can’t see him do them!

People have been so good to us, it’s amazing. A man from the village went and did some shopping for us, because the roads are so bad and I can’t leave the house for any length of time. So we now have a chicken for tomorrows dinner.
I would usually have had something in the freezer but I have all sorts of microwavable things in there, thinking that Andy would be let home before we got back from Dublin. Anyway at least the cats get to have their dinner 😉

This evening a friend of ours, who has helped a lot called with sweets and a bottle which was really kind.

My mum also called earlier today. Her old neighbour drove her up here. She was determined to give the kids their presents and she wants to spend Christmas Day on her own. We did invite her over but as it’s the first Christmas since my dad died she wants to be on her own.

I hope you all have a wonderful Christmas and that Santa brings you everything you wish for xxx

2 thoughts on “Christmas Eve

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  1. Have a lovely Christmas Val – hope it’s warm and cosy 🙂
    A little tip – cover your gas bottle – ours used to freeze until we put a cover over it – so now I don’t have to run outside in the freezing cold (like you!) with a bottle of hot water!!!!
    Have a nice day 🙂

  2. How nice of all those people to help out. I hope your mam had a reasonably good day. My mam also had her first Christams since Da died. She went to my sisters for dinner though. I am thinking of you all and wish you a fabulous New Year. Good for Jono, he sounds like he is on the mend. It’s you now who needs some pampering. Take care of yourself…Love Pam

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