Sunday Thoughts

It's been a bit of a week, things were ticking along OK and then Andy ended up not being well, so there was a trip to hospital. He's written an in-depth blog post about it, so I'll let you read that because it's his story, but I will say a few things about the health... Continue Reading →

Eye See

I had a hospital appointment today to check my eyes out. I check a lot of migraines and the GP wanted my eyes tested to see if they were anything to do with it. She also thought I might have a cataract so I needed to get it checked. I wasn't allowed to drive because... Continue Reading →

Jono’s appointment

Yesterday Jono finally got seen in Tallaght Hospital after waiting for almost 18 months. Jono had a spinal fusion surgery done there in 2009 and was doing OK until a couple of years ago when he started deteriorating. It's a long trip from Sligo to Tallaght, almost 4 hours each way by public transport, and... Continue Reading →

All for the breast

A very rare blog post with no photos for a change. It's been a bit of a week, last Friday I went to the doctor because I have what I thought was a skin tag which is getting bigger and causing pain. The GP didn't think there was anything to worry about but did a... Continue Reading →

Back to appointments

Just when you think life is going well it has a habit of giving you a swift kick up the backside.  This week I was picking up Jono from Collooney railway station and Rocket-dog came along.  I was walking him along the station and his toenails got caught in a metal grid 😦 So he... Continue Reading →


Last week we had to go up to Dublin for Lucy and I to have blood tests in St. James's Hospital. Our blood takes a while to clot so we tend to bruise easily and have nose bleeds and the hospital wanted to do tests to find out what was going on. It was an... Continue Reading →

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