Four years ago today

It's hard to believe that its four years ago today since Jono had his spinal fusion surgery. Time really does fly. We had to sing 'Happy Birthday' to the 'twin rods' today 🙂 If you want to read the whole story from four years ago it's here. Well done Jono, the bravest person I know... Continue Reading →

The cut backs continue

It's heartbreaking to think that two years after we began fighting our battle to get Jono his much-needed surgery there are still children out there going through agony. I think the health service for children in Ireland is shocking. I will never understand how people who have abused their bodies can get knee replacements, hip... Continue Reading →

Jono in the Irish Daily Mail

On Tuesday Jono was featured in the Irish Daily Mail showing the before and after photo of his back. Then we got a call from TV3 which is an Irish tv channel. They want myself and Jono to go on The Morning Show next week to talk about the problems leading up to Jonathans surgery... Continue Reading →

Why does it always rain on me?

Why does it always rain on me?, originally uploaded by magnum_lady. Well it's back to the school runs tomorrow after the mid term break. I'm not looking forward to it, it's still very icy and has been down to about -5 at night. Jono is still upset at the thought that he might need more... Continue Reading →

Big wheel keeps on turning

Well yesterday we had to go to Dublin for Jono's check up. I had my list ready about whether he can go swimming, have baths etc. We also wanted to ask about the pain he has in his shoulders and was it normal that he looks slightly hunched again. Of course everything went out the... Continue Reading →

Jono before and after

Jono before and after, originally uploaded by magnum_lady. Jono wanted me to do a before and after photo so he can see the difference.....and what a huge difference!!! Last night was a partial eclipse of the moon. I was hanging out of the window trying to take photos. Here's one: Andy has been bad these... Continue Reading →

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