Dublin in December

Over the bridgeAnother long overdue blog. We had two trips to Dublin last month (one after the other…always the way). Not for pleasure, both hospital visits. One for blood tests for Lucy and I…to see if we have a bleeding disorder (we have to go back next month for further tests). The other for Jono’s spinal check-up.

Temple BarBefore Jono’s appointment we had a bit of time to look around Temple Bar. It was a lousy day so I only took photo’s with my phone. The one at the top is of the Ha’penny Bridge. The others are in Temple Bar.

Jono before and afterIf you don’t know Jono’s story he has kyphosis and scoliosis and his spine was very badly curved before he had surgery in 2009. The photo above is before and after. He grew 4 inches just from the surgery. The only problem is now that it’s curving above the spinal rods that he had inserted, so it means regular trips to Dublin to see the doctor.

X-rayThankfully it hasn’t got any worse, so we breathed a sigh of relief as we were worried that Jono might need more surgery, which this time would have meant extending the rods to his neck. So smiles all round as it isn’t needed for the moment.

No worriesJono was delighted to see the X-ray of his spine. He’s also really pleased that Tallaght hospital use his before and after photo for their training. He hopes it might also encourage people who were worried about having a spinal fusion to go for it.

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  1. We forget I think that Dublin could have so many photographic opportunities for us, I love seeing it again through your eyes Val. Delighted for Jono, it must make such a difference to his life. What an inspiring young man:~))

    1. It made a huge difference to his life, before it he was very much house bound. I think every place has photographic opportunities and I love looking out for them

  2. Just got back from Dublin myself. Always a great time to be had there, no matter where you are in the city…but I love Temple Bar – all the second-hand book shops, cafes, clothes shops, record shops, pubs, boutiques, little back streets…Dublin’s brilliant whether you’re a tourist or a local.

    Fantastic and very hopeful news about your Jono. The before and after photos of him and how his spine has straightened so significantly are amazing and very encouraging. I’ve been to Tallaght Hospital a few years back, and I have to say that, along with Sligo General, they have to be considered as two of the best hospitals in Ireland. I think of them as places of healing, not places of illness.

    Keep up the great progress, Jono!

    1. Thanks June, I love Dublin myself, always so much going on.

      Tallaght were fantastic with Jono. I’m sorry I can’t say the same about Sligo. There was a lot of hassle trying to get him just referred to Dublin. If you google our names on YouTube you’ll see an interview with did with TV3 about it.

      1. Hi Val. I’ve just seen the interview you and Jono did on TV 3 via the YouTube videos. I hope you can forgive me for opening my big gob about Sligo General. I had no idea that you had to go through the frustration of waiting, and waiting so long to get the proper and urgently needed care for Jono’s scoliosis and surgery on his spine. I’m just very glad and relieved to know that there are hospitals, consultants and surgeons who have helped, and who continue to help Jono. My apologies to you, Val – and to Jono, too.

    1. Thanks very much for that, Val. I feel so much better, for I was worried (and upset with myself) that I might have unintentionally upset you. Jono’s doing brilliantly and he is being cared for by good, caring professionals and a loving and supportive family – that’s the most important thing.

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