Appointment update

Thank you all for the good wishes about Jono's appointment we really appreciate all the thoughts and it helped knowing that we had so many people thinking of us. I drove up to Dublin because Jono isn't fit for that length of journey on public transport and between the train and the LUAS it's almost... Continue Reading →

Good news for Jono

Regular readers to the blog will know that Jono has kyphosis and scoliosis. You'll also know he's been waiting for an appointment to be seen by the consultant. At last we have good news. Jono has been waiting to be seen since May 2015, I spoke to the hospital in JuneĀ and they weren't very hopefully... Continue Reading →

Back on a Rant

Regular readers to the blog will know all about Jono's spinal problems. Jono had severe kyphosis and scoliosis (curvature of the spine) and after a long wait he finally had spinal fusion surgery in 2009 in Tallaght, Dublin. The surgery involved metal rods being inserted either side of his spine. We thought it was a... Continue Reading →

Dublin in December

Another long overdue blog. We had two trips to Dublin last month (one after the other...always the way). Not for pleasure, both hospital visits. One for blood tests for Lucy and see if we have a bleeding disorder (we have to go back next month for further tests). The other for Jono's spinal check-up.... Continue Reading →

A year ago today

It's hard to believe that this time last year Jono was in the operating theatre in Tallaght hospital, Dublin having his spinal fusion surgery. The operation consisited of inserting two rods one either side of Jono's spine. For newer readers to my blog you may not know that Jono had a kyphosis of over 90... Continue Reading →

Good News!

Above is the article that was in yesterdays Irish Daily Mail. The photo and interview were done on Saturday when we were at the Hilton Hotel. We were saying that Jono got his out patients appointment just after he was first mentioned in the newspaper. The appointment was today. We got the news that we... Continue Reading →

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