It’s a long way from Clare to here

Ennis, Co. ClareA couple of weeks ago I had to deliver something to Ennis in County Clare. So myself and Jono made a day of it. It’s a fair old drive from Sligo, it took us just over 2 and a half hours.

The Burren

We’ve never been to Clare and we’ve always wanted to: Jono to see The Burren as he learnt about it in Geography at school and me because my Grandparents were from there. The Burren really is amazing, instead of grass the fields are rock. It was a pretty lousy day when we went and I wanted to go to Ailwee Caves so we didn’t get long enough to look around. We are going back again in nicer weather.

Ailwee CavesIn hindsight we shouldn’t have bothered with Ailwee Caves. I thought it was expensive for the 30 minute tour at €12 a person and the tour guide had a pot at the end of the tour for tips. It really wasn’t a patch on the Marble Arch Caves.

A colourful houseWe found out when we got home that we were very near Father Ted’s house and in fact they filmed an episode in the Ailwee Caves…so another reason to go back to Clare again. The rest of my photos are here.

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