Jono in the Irish Daily Mail

On Tuesday Jono was featured in the Irish Daily Mail showing the before and after photo of his back. Then we got a call from TV3 which is an Irish tv channel.

They want myself and Jono to go on The Morning Show next week to talk about the problems leading up to Jonathans surgery and how things are going for him now.

Jono is delighted. He hopes it will help other children that need to have scoliosis/kyphosis surgery and he’s hoping he’ll meet some celebrities πŸ˜€

11 thoughts on “Jono in the Irish Daily Mail

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  1. Great news. How exciting for Jono. The pictures show such an improvement and it will be so good for other children to see the positive results of the surgery.

  2. I missed this post. The before and after pictures really show how successful the operation was. Please do post a link for us to watch it on Youtube as I’ll probably miss the programme. Good luck with it and enjoy.

  3. Amazing results from the Op. Hope you are all well. fastastic that Jono can inspire others with a sucess story like his.
    Best wishes to you all

    xoxo (Allboymommy MM)

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