X Factor, Dublin O2

X Factor, Dublin O2, originally uploaded by magnum_lady.

Well if you’ve wondered why I have been a bit quiet this is why.

We had the tickets booked for months for the matinee show yesterday (31st March), it started snowing in Dublin on Tuesday though so my mum gave us some money to go up the day before incase the snow got worse.

I managed to get a good deal in The Clarion Hotel. We were hoping the X Factor crew might have been staying there but they weren’t 😦

Anyway we got a fantastic room, it had a balcony, bedroom with a king size bed, living room with twin beds, a bathroom with two sinks, a massive bath and a seperate shower. There was also a leisure centre in the hotel so we got to go swimming as well.

We had a brief look around Dublin before the concert. Jono loved the game shops and Lucy loved the shoe shops. Then we got the Luas to the O2……the luas was so packed though at one stage there were so many people trying to cram into it the doors couldn’t close.

The X Factor show was fantastic. We were in the second row and I’m really pleased with some of the photos I took. All the singers were great especially Jamie and Olly who really got the crowd singing and dancing and of course Jedward who have so much energy and were flying all over the stage. Lloyd winked at me and we saw Ollys pants! What are we like….lol

There was also fireworks, confetti, brilliant dancers. The place was packed and the atmosphere was amazing…..except for the odd few people who didn’t move a muscle all the way through it….really they should have sold their tickets and stayed at home.

There are lots more photos on my flickr site.

I did a bit of video too, it’s not very good quality though.

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