The Blog is 14!

Can you believe the blog is now fourteen years old! On a dark day in 2009 the blog was born. It was started as an online diary then people started reading it so what went from a few readers turned into hundreds of thousands of visits and views. The blog has seen and blogged about... Continue Reading →

Some Suggestions for Sligo Town

I asked the members of the Love Sligo Facebook group what they would like to see in Sligo town, and there was a great discussion. I'm posting the suggestions here, let me know what you think. Personally I'd love to see a market alongside the river. There used to be a French Market there years... Continue Reading →

Sunday Thoughts

So here we are on a Sunday again, the first working week of the year done. I went back with a bang and flew through work and it made me realise how much I needed the break. It was great to come back with fresh eyes and a fresh head. There‚Äôs been a highlight for... Continue Reading →

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