An empty chair

An empty chair, originally uploaded by magnum_lady.

A really odd day today. Just when I think I am fine then something happens to give me a kick back into reality.

My Dad’s memoriam cards arrived today. I knew they were coming but it didn’t really prepare me for dad’s photo to be on them. It sounds a bit daft as it’s almost a year since he died, but I thought I was fine about it all and now realise I’m not 😦

The photo above is similar to the one on the cards.

Anyway on to other things, it was a busy day…..just as well probably. Both Andy and Jono had physio at Sligo General Hospital. It is a nightmare to park there so I dropped them both at the door and went over to Connaughton Road to park.

Luckily I got back to the hospital before either of them got called in. Andy is now finished with physiotherapy although he has to continue the exercises. Jono has to keep going, over the last few days he seems to be in a lot more pain. I’m hoping it’s just from the muscles coming back into position after the surgery rather then the curve getting worse but we won’t know for sure until May.

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  1. the stronger those feelings Val, the stronger the love and bond you shared – but they also show how bright the times you had with your Dad. A year is no time at all when grief comes to pay a visit, but those memories and hopefully the humour is a great pain relief. Huge hugs xxx

    Fingers crossed that Jono’s physio works out well – unusual father-son bonding activity though! 😀

  2. Just wanted to send hugs. My Dad has deteriorated and was back in hospital after only 3 days at home (hence the lack of blogging and commenting). In some ways I already feel like I’ve lost him.
    I hope this time brings you some good memories of your Dad to sweeten the sadness. Your beautiful picture and its title have given me a big lump in my throat. x

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