A belated birthday blog

I'm finally catching up on old blog posts that I should have written but somehow never got around to it. Back in June it was Andy's 50th birthday and also our 25th wedding anniversary. It was so strange because without us knowing we'd both gone shopping in the same shop! We both went to Lollypotz... Continue Reading →

Purple rain

Purple rain, originally uploaded by magnum_lady. Well we seem to have gone back to Winter weather again. It's really cold today....and yesterday was boiling. I wonder if it's anything to do with the ash? Todays photo is because it's raining again....and to tie in the raining again theme we are going to see Supertramp :)... Continue Reading →

An empty chair

An empty chair, originally uploaded by magnum_lady. A really odd day today. Just when I think I am fine then something happens to give me a kick back into reality. My Dad's memoriam cards arrived today. I knew they were coming but it didn't really prepare me for dad's photo to be on them. It... Continue Reading →

Seeing Red

Firstly thanks for all the Happy Birthday Blog comments 🙂 I took Andy for his first appointment at the warfarin clinic in the hospital yesterday. He has to go once a week to have his blood checked. His poor arms are covered in bruises. I waited in the waiting room for him and had the... Continue Reading →

The first day of Spring…..

The first day of Spring....., originally uploaded by magnum_lady. As I was driving Lucy to school this morning I heard the radio say it's the first day of Spring....shame no one thought to tell the weather! It took twenty minutes to warm Bertie up this morning and the roads were very icy. I hope it... Continue Reading →

Almost around the bend

Almost around the bend, originally uploaded by magnum_lady. No I'm not really 😉 Things are going well. Andy is in much less pain today then he has been in. He even drove into town today, which made such a change for me as I have been driving everywhere. We all had a little wander around.... Continue Reading →

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