This evening I’m sad

Sorry for the negative post. I was doing really well but today I found out that someone I really respected unfriended me on Facebook. I know that sounds really trivial but I feel like I've let this person down. I was meant to be doing a collaboration with them but I lost my nerve, the... Continue Reading →

The Famine Graveyard, Sligo

A few weeks ago I went to the famine graveyard in Sligo. I couldn't get in as the gate was locked. I phoned Sligo County Council to see if they knew anything about why the gate was locked and was put through to the parks department. They had no idea why it was locked and... Continue Reading →

Odds and sods

This blog is a bit of everything really. Things are going well although I have upset someone without meaning to. I'm sad because I've lost a friend, I've apologised (although I don't know what I've done wrong). I had a sleepless night about it last night but I'm not going to lose anymore sleep over... Continue Reading →

An empty chair

An empty chair, originally uploaded by magnum_lady. A really odd day today. Just when I think I am fine then something happens to give me a kick back into reality. My Dad's memoriam cards arrived today. I knew they were coming but it didn't really prepare me for dad's photo to be on them. It... Continue Reading →

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