World Kidney Day

Today is World Kidney Day. The photo is a forget-me-not which is the Irish Kidney Association logo and seems quite fitting as my dad is no longer with us. The point of this post is to urge you all to carry a donor card. My dad got kidney failure in 2002 and spent 7 years... Continue Reading →

An empty chair

An empty chair, originally uploaded by magnum_lady. A really odd day today. Just when I think I am fine then something happens to give me a kick back into reality. My Dad's memoriam cards arrived today. I knew they were coming but it didn't really prepare me for dad's photo to be on them. It... Continue Reading →

Happy Mother’s Day

Well today was Mother's Day so we had my mum over for dinner. I bought her the flowers above and also a book and a cd. Dinner went well and I didn't weld anything to the baking tray.....which has happened to me before! The black forest gateau that I made tasted OK too, although I... Continue Reading →

Around the bend

Around the bend, originally uploaded by magnum_lady. Well as you can see the weather is still bad. We had a fair bit of snow today which settled on the ice. No sign of any gritters in our neck of the woods. I went outside with Lucy for a 'slide' around, we made a snowman and... Continue Reading →

Towards the light

Towards the light, originally uploaded by magnum_lady. Grief is a funny old thing. Just as you feel that life is back to normal and everything is going OK, it jumps up and bites you in the bum. The kids were watching a video of them when they were babies and all of a sudden my... Continue Reading →

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