Happy Mother’s Day

Well today was Mother’s Day so we had my mum over for dinner.

I bought her the flowers above and also a book and a cd.

Dinner went well and I didn’t weld anything to the baking tray…..which has happened to me before!

The black forest gateau that I made tasted OK too, although I should have put another egg in it, I’ll know for next time.

After dinner Mum, Jono, Andy and I went out for a walk. Lucy didn’t come with us…she walked too much yesterday so had a lazy day today.

We were reminiscing about Dad. When we lived in the UK mum and dad used to visit my Nan in Galway several times a year. They used to do bits to her house for her. One time Dad had packed the car in the garage and had loads of things on the roof rack. When he drove the car out of the garage he took the garage door with him….whoops.

Another time they had bought packets of wall paper paste at a car boot sale and it was all in clear little bags…..they only got stopped at the ferry port, the police thought it was drugs!

3 thoughts on “Happy Mother’s Day

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  1. “Dinner went well and I didn’t weld anything to the baking tray” Yes, I too always find that dinners go better when the food can be removed from the plates without a chisel. Though, sadly, this doesn’t happen too often. But, at least I haven’t poisoned anyone yet. 😉

    1. Well that’s a good sign, I have poisoned people…well not me exactly. I got some prawns from a local supermarket and although they were in date they were off…that was a fun Christmas!

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