Swimming and Spring Cleaning

It's been a fantastic couple of days in all kinds of ways. Not only was the sun shining and the birds singing but there seems to be a real shift in my energy levels - at long last! Good people also seem to be popping up from everywhere too. Firstly the wonderful lady who gave... Continue Reading →

Avena Leisure Centre

When Jono had his check up in Dublin the consultant told him to try physiotherapy in a swimming pool to help his back pain. The only problem was he can only do about 15 minutes a week at the moment so joining a leisure centre would have been expensive and the sports centre would be... Continue Reading →

Snow and Speedos

I woke this morning to snow, it wasn't too bad when I walked the dog but by the time I was ready to drive the kids to their courses it had settled quite a lot on our lane. Thankfully by the time we got into Sligo it was almost all gone, so only a small... Continue Reading →

Dublin (again)

  Jono had to go back to Dublin yesterday for his check up about his spine. It's a long day with a total of 8 hours travelling there and back. We were apprehensive as when we went back in May we were told his spine was curving again and he might need another surgery. The... Continue Reading →

An empty chair

An empty chair, originally uploaded by magnum_lady. A really odd day today. Just when I think I am fine then something happens to give me a kick back into reality. My Dad's memoriam cards arrived today. I knew they were coming but it didn't really prepare me for dad's photo to be on them. It... Continue Reading →

Boats in the woods

Boats in the woods, originally uploaded by magnum_lady(slow internet). Well I've been quiet for the last few days because I've had a really bad migraine. It's finally gone now. This time my usual tablets didn't work and there was so much going on I couldn't rest but anyway I'm OK now. This photo was taken... Continue Reading →

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