Ice, ice baby

Ice, ice baby, originally uploaded by magnum_lady.

Another icy night. I am really fed up of this weather now. It’s a week since I’ve been out.

I had to brave it today to take Jono to have his stitches removed. It was meant to be a fairly easy job at the local GP’s. So I helped Jono get washed and dressed and managed to get him over the ice into the car.

We took a very slow drive down the hill, luckily the village was clear. The GP’s carpark was really icy and slippery though. Anyway the GP wasn’t happy to remove the stitches incase he did it wrong. The public health nurse didn’t want to do it either so they told us to go into Sligo General hospital to the ‘accident and emergency’ department. So in we went and had to sit and wait with all the poor misfortunate people who had fallen in the ice.

The assessment nurse couldn’t believe that we sent in there. I explained that Jono only had the surgery two weeks ago and really wasn’t fit to be waiting any length of time. After a short wait they found a bed for him so he could lie down as it’s more comfortable. Then a doctor came and removed the stitches… took about 2 minutes.

Poor Jono has been asleep since we got home, he’s shattered.

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