Right up my street

Right up my street, originally uploaded by magnum_lady. Well last night it was blowing a gale. I was awake most of the night listening to the wind howling so I'm shattered today. It was still galeforce today and the rain has washed away quite a lot of the snow and left us with pure ice.... Continue Reading →

A new day

A new day, originally uploaded by magnum_lady. And another groundhog day with a few variations 😉 Last night I was looking at the fridge and although we have two shops in the village (a grocer and a butchers), they are both small and I can only carry so much home as I'm walking. So Tesco... Continue Reading →


January, originally uploaded by magnum_lady. Well yet another snowday here in Sligo. I spent half of last night awake because I could hear the snow falling off the roof...it was really loud! There hasn't been much traffic on the lane today and it snowed quite a bit this morning and then later on in the... Continue Reading →

Jono before and after

Jono before and after, originally uploaded by magnum_lady. Jono wanted me to do a before and after photo so he can see the difference.....and what a huge difference!!! Last night was a partial eclipse of the moon. I was hanging out of the window trying to take photos. Here's one: Andy has been bad these... Continue Reading →

Ice, ice baby

Ice, ice baby, originally uploaded by magnum_lady. Another icy night. I am really fed up of this weather now. It's a week since I've been out. I had to brave it today to take Jono to have his stitches removed. It was meant to be a fairly easy job at the local GP's. So I... Continue Reading →

Christmas Eve

Christmas Eve, originally uploaded by magnum_lady. This was taken this morning at around 9am. It's still freezing, it was -12 last night! My gas bottle keeps freezing up for my cooker so I have to keep pouring warm water over it. Jono seems to be a bit brighter today and he has eaten more then... Continue Reading →

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