Dublin (again)


Jono had to go back to Dublin yesterday for his check up about his spine. It’s a long day with a total of 8 hours travelling there and back.

We were apprehensive as when we went back in May we were told his spine was curving again and he might need another surgery.

The first thing he had to have was an X-ray. We went to the x-ray department and were told they weren’t sure exactly what kind of x-ray the consultant needed so we were sent back to out-patients to find out.

The consultant wasn’t there so we waited an hour to be told what was required, then back off to the x-ray department again only to be told we couldn’t have that kind of x-ray done on the day, we would have to come back another day after they had sent out an appointment! How mad is that. So there we were thinking we had travelled all that way for nothing.

Off we went back to out-patients again to tell them. The consultant couldn’t believe it. He said the health service here is like a third world country. He said no way would he make us travel again and he managed to request a smaller x-ray which could be done there and then thankfully.

After looking at the results. He said Jono’s spine hasn’t changed since May so that’s fantastic news and he doesn’t have to go back for a year. Unless we are concerned in anyway and he will see him sooner. We are over the moon let’s hope we are finished with hospital’s now.

The only thing Jono needs to do is physio to try and help his muscle tone.

It was a very long day but worth it to get such good news.

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  1. After such a day, thank heavens it WAS good news!! After everything thats been happening over and over again, it would have made another front page story if you’d been sent home!!!

    So chuffed for you all! xxx

  2. Thats fantastic news. I have spent the day in A&E with my hubby. I am feeling pretty shattered now – and I was only at the local hospital.

  3. Great news for Jonno! I suppose with all that was going u didn’t think of or get a chance to submit anything to the Ray Darcy Us 2 Book? I am one of the non commenting viewers to your Dublin Zoo blog! Sorry! Was rushing past!

  4. I put a few in but a disaster of a day! I Played golf in the morning and forgot to bring the camera enen though I had planned a few shots for the golf course! Got one with the phone and entered it but not that happy with it! The looking for rock pools shot is sent in too! I went out with Aimee and her cousin on Saturday with the intention of getting snaps for the book but Aimee turned into the child from hell so the afternoon beacme caotic and the resulting photos are rushed and not very good!!! Ah well!

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