Well it’s been a day and a half today. Jono saw an article in the Irish Daily Mail last week of a lad that had a similar back problem to him. This lad had his surgery and his back was so straight, so Jono emailed the letters page of the Daily Mail to say how great it was but how he was still waiting for surgery.

I was phoned on Friday by the Mail and asked lots of questions. So an article went in today (most of the things quoted I didn’t say….and I’ve also become a Miss!)

Anyway I was so cheesed off today that I decided to go to the Citizens Information in Sligo to see if they could suggest anything about getting surgery for Jono. They did suggest that I went to a local TD which I did and his office took details from me and said they would get back to us.

In the meantime I was speaking to a lovely lady who has offered advice before and has a good knowledge of the health service and she suggested I get legal advice.

After I got off the phone a message had been left…….from Crumlin. I phoned back and was told a date for Jonos surgery has been agreed for December 15th…..as it’s not in writing yet I’m not getting too excited. Jono is thrilled although I told him not to get his hopes up, after all we have been here before.