Floods and fog

Floods and fog, originally uploaded by magnum_lady.

I took Lucy to Dublin yesterday to see Little Boots in concert. She was brilliant (I’ll do a blog about that tomorrow).
Jono was meant to be coming as well, but his back is too bad to stand for any length of time. So he stayed with Andy.

We went on the train and because of the floods the train line between Carrick on Shannon and Longford is under between 3-5 feet of water. So we had to get a bus from Carrick to Longford and the same on the way back. So it took around 4 hours each way Sligo-Dublin instead of the usual 3.

This photo is of Carrick on Shannon, it’s hard to see the floods because of the fog. The yellow building you can see a tiny bit of is the Landmark Hotel.

The main N4 road towards Tesco and the retail park is completely flooded so there is a detour up through the town of Carrick on Shannon and down by the MBNA building. There were big tailbacks of traffic and the bus driver was telling us that the traffic was so bad the other day it took almost two hours for him to get from Carrick on Shannon to Longford.
I have to share this link of photos of the floods….some amazing photos there.
So if you are travelling in that direction be prepared for delays.

Thanks so much for the good wishes for C. So far so good.

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  1. Great pic, and although you have captured it well, it will send shivers through people from my area who suffered from the 2007 disaterous floods. In the local papers only this week, there are still families homeless waiting for repairs to be finished. Water can be beautiful and cause dispair in equal measures. I hope you are keeping relatively dry…


  2. Crikey, these floods never cease to amaze me and I think you were very brave to head off on such a long journey. Hope you get good news for Jono and C.

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