White and blue

White and blue, originally uploaded by magnum_lady(slow internet).

Well it was a busy weekend.

On Saturday I took Jono swimming for the first time since his surgery. He didn’t manage to swim because he said it felt odd, but at least he got back in the water. He also went into the jacuzzi which he found so relaxing he almost fell asleep.

On Sunday I was back to being a taxi driver again 😉 Lucy and her friend went swimming so I took them both to the pool and was going to have a walk and lunch out. First I went to a cafe in the retail park, which said it was open but was closed. Then I went to Dunnes cafe which was also closed….not my day really.
I ended up getting a weight watchers sandwich and a bottle of water, the sandwich tasted of nothing and I reckon I’d have been better eating the wrapper!

I went for a long walk around Doorly Park, which is on the shore of Lough Gill. It’s a lovely place. The photo is of one of the many swans there.

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