In case anyone missed me, (and judging by the lack of comments they didn't 😉 ), I was away in the UK for a few days.  I would do a blog post about it but my phone lead isn't working and I can't get the photos onto my computer from it.  Anyway today was back... Continue Reading →

Sunshine and haircuts

Today was a beautiful Spring day. I had to take Jono into town for his appointment with the occupational therapist. It was so warm and sunny that before his appointment we decided to have lunch outside. So we got a pizza from Domino's and sat in the sunshine. The only trouble is we sat near... Continue Reading →

White and blue

White and blue, originally uploaded by magnum_lady(slow internet). Well it was a busy weekend. On Saturday I took Jono swimming for the first time since his surgery. He didn't manage to swim because he said it felt odd, but at least he got back in the water. He also went into the jacuzzi which he... Continue Reading →

Sligo Farmers Market

Sligo Farmers Market, originally uploaded by magnum_lady. Today I took Jono to Hazelwood forest for a little walk around. We fed the ducks and swans, my finger got 'savaged' by a swan who mistook it for a crumpet! < Then we went to the Sligo Farmers Market. It's held in the car park of the... Continue Reading →

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