Misty March Morning

Misty Morning, originally uploaded by magnum_lady(slow internet).

This photo was taken on the ‘school run’. I thought it was such a lovely scene I had to pull over and take a photo.

We are still having really frosty mornings, but the days have been sunny so that’s nice.

It has been a hectic few days here. The kids have been out two nights running. Thursday was the school talent show which they enjoyed. Last night was a party in the village which I took my mum and the kids too.

It’s years since I’ve been to a party (very sad), so it was nice to get out. Shame about the country and western music though, really not my type of music. I also had to laugh at the fella’s talking about me when I was at the bar. They were standing right beside me, talking about where I lived and how ill my husband had been……I felt like telling them I wasn’t deaf!

Yesterday Jono had an appointment in the health centre, I got such a shock when a bride in all her finery walked in, I forget that it’s also a registry office. Poor woman looked so out of place there.

I’m shattered today as we didn’t get in until midnight last night and that’s a really late night for me…..old age and all that 😉

7 thoughts on “Misty March Morning

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  1. oh Val, that photo is truly beautiful, a real stunner. Would you mind if I take it alonog to my next class as an example? x

    Ooooh a C&W night, hilarious!! But the fellas at the bar…. how did you resist from chipping in? would have made my night thats for sure!! 😀

    Hoep all’s looking good for Jono and the physio is making a difference. xxxx

  2. Val, I adore this photo too.

    I spotted it on your FLICKR photos last week and wanted to compliment you on it.

    Your words in this post also paint a great picture of life in rural Ireland. It’s so funny having a health centre double up as a registry office 😆

    Our local health centre used to smell of a combination of boiled cabbage (meals-on-wheels prepared there) and rising damp. It was an awful place to bring a newborn baby for check-ups but thankfully, these days we now have a new health centre in a purpose-built building nearby.

    More sunshine forecast for tomorrow!

  3. Beautiful picture! How funny to see a bride in the health centre, that’s real multi-tasking. Suppose at least it gave you both something else to think about

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