It’s not just the leaves falling!

I love this time of year. October in Sligo is usually a magical month, with the misty mornings, sunny days and falling leaves there's nothing quite like it. Unfortunately it's not just the leaves falling! I took Jono swimming today - he does his physio in the pool and afterwards we go to the Jacuzzi.... Continue Reading →


Bubbles, originally uploaded by magnum_lady. Well I've been having a bit of trouble lately thinking of what to photograph. I've sort of lost my inspiration. So yesterday I picked up my crystal ball and put it in the tin of Cadbury Roses! I think it makes quite a nice stopped me eating them for... Continue Reading →

Thank donkey it’s Friday

Thank donkey it's Friday, originally uploaded by magnum_lady. As always I'm delighted it's the weekend 😀 There is a Latin festival on in Sligo town, so if you are anywhere near it have a look. There is a market as well, so we are going in for a gander. Also Lucy probably has some money... Continue Reading →

White and blue

White and blue, originally uploaded by magnum_lady(slow internet). Well it was a busy weekend. On Saturday I took Jono swimming for the first time since his surgery. He didn't manage to swim because he said it felt odd, but at least he got back in the water. He also went into the jacuzzi which he... Continue Reading →

Irelande Nil Points…

Well its almost Eurovision so the Late Late Show had six songs competing for the honour (?) of representing Ireland in this years Eurovision Song Contest. They really scrapped the bottom of the barrel picked the cream of the crop for the nation to choose from. It seemed to go on for hours. We had... Continue Reading →

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