Towards the light

Well it’s been an odd couple of days…..highs and lows as usual.

My dads anniversary is in a few weeks so mum and I have been organising memoriam cards. Mum had loads of samples from different companies and I asked if she phoned them… turned out the companies hear about the deaths and send sample packs out of cards. Some of these arrived in the week after dad died, but mum didn’t want to upset me so she didn’t tell me….I think that’s wrong to be honest(not that mum didn’t tell me but that these companies send these out). There were so many samples, to be it’s unsolicited mail and uncalled for.

On to other matters. I forgot to tell you that I got a call from a local TD’s office last week. I contacted them last year to see if they could help Jono get his surgery….it took them until last week to contact me. You can tell there isn’t an election going on. I certainly won’t be voting for them in future.

It was quite an exciting day today. I got a wheelie bin delivered! This sounds very sad. The refuse company that services the village never came up our lane. So each week I had to buy a rubbish bag, fill it up and drive it into the village for collection, it was a pain to be honest.
Well now a new company have come in, they are giving free wheelie bins and they will collect the rubbish from the end of our drive. It’s brilliant, like living in the 21st century! I actually smiled today when I got home and saw the bin….lol.

Oh the photo is at Hazelwood. I like the way the light seems to be heart shaped.

4 thoughts on “Towards the light

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  1. Hi, congratulations on your wheelie bin! It is a big improvement on your prior arrangements. Love the photo…it is heart shaped! I’ll be thinking of you on your dad’s anniversary. Take care…Pam

  2. Hugs on coming up to your dad’s anniversary. I didn’t realise that the card companies did that. My parents are organising the memorium cards etc for my brother and it’s hard enough to do it without someone trying the “hard sell”.
    A lovely photo of Hazelwood, beautiful light.

    1. It’s awful that the companies do that. Really upsetting. It shouldn’t be allowed.
      I hope your parents get some for your brother, it’s a hard thing to do.

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