Why does it always rain on me?

Why does it always rain on me?, originally uploaded by magnum_lady.

Well it’s back to the school runs tomorrow after the mid term break.

I’m not looking forward to it, it’s still very icy and has been down to about -5 at night.

Jono is still upset at the thought that he might need more surgery. We are all, we had been so relaxed and relieved over the last few weeks. Thinking it was all over and we could just get on with life and now here we are with the threat looming again.

On a good note Jono managed his first bath since his operation last night. It was a struggle but he did it.

We had two lots of visitors yesterday which makes a change as we rarely see anyone. Mind you one of them told me it was years since I’d seen 42 and did I just stop couting……bloody cheek! I wouldn’t mind but the person who said it is no oil painting himself. Oh well what can you do?

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  1. Here’s keeping fingers crossed Val that they can get it over and done with quickly so you can move on. I hope you get plenty of support, especially from the ‘society.’ Head up.
    If I’ve learned anything over the years, it’s never to engage with a woman about her age!

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