Good news

Rose, originally uploaded by magnum_lady.

Well this week has been good so far.

Firstly I found out I got nominated for the Irish Blog Awards. There are some amazing photo blogs on there, so I don’t stand a chance but it’s nice to be nominated all the same.

Then I got a book through the post that has one of my photos printed in it. So that was really exciting. It’s the first photo I’ve had in a book.

This is the photo:

Then mums car had it’s NCT yesterday. The NCT is a national car test, similar to the MOT in the UK. It was panic stations on Monday trying to find an attended car wash in Sligo. Most of them are now self service. In the end I had to wash it (it’s such a hard life!) It was one of those pressure washers and I’m not kidding the force of it nearly knocked me flying. Of course the mother wouldn’t stay in the car so she got a bit of a shower as well…..whoops!

Anyway I took her and the car for the NCT yesterday, she was like a cat on a hot tin roof. Luckily it passed… the man was a ‘lovely young man’. Goodness knows what she’d have called him if it failed.

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