Sunday and Monday

Scenes from the hospital

So as you know I had to take Jono up to Crumlin for his pre-op assessment. We got the 1pm train from Sligo on Sunday. It was really busy, there were some musicians sitting opposite us and we were wondering if they were famous. Also on the train was a Harry Hill lookalike and even a man the spitting image of Alf Garnett. The worst thing was that there was a man sitting opposite us who was coughing and never put his hand up once…..isn’t that awful. So I’m not surprised that I now have a cold.

When we got to Connolly Station we caught the Luas to the hotel, we had enough time for a quick swim and a dip in the jacuzzi which was nice. We didn’t have a very good nights sleep in the hotel. First of all the kettle, tv and hairdryer wasn’t working so we had to change rooms and then we were put right above the bar which had a band playing. Blimey O’Reilly if it was Magnum, Marillion or The Feeling I’d have been delighted but it was pub singers singing a whole range of songs including hits by Neil Diamond, Bonnie Tyler and a load of 60’s hits. I’m just glad they didn’t play Michael Buble because I would probably have thrown something out of the window 😉
When the band finished then the fireworks started….nothing to do with the hotel but they went on for most of the night and there was me thinking fireworks were banned here.

On Monday we were up bright and early and got to Our Ladys Hospital just before 8am. We had to wait for a while in a little waiting room. I was starting to worry when a little boy started pointing at me and saying Barney. I was convinced I was turning purple and growing a tail until I turned around and saw a painting of Barney the dinosaur behind me….phew.

When Jonathan was called things started moving fairly quickly. First of all the nurses took his blood pressure, weight, height etc. Then he had to go off for blood tests, followed by xrays. After we’d had a cuppa he was off to have his photo taken. The photographer had a lovely canon camera (not that I’m jealous). Jono had to have his photos taken from every angle. Then it was time for the lung function tests which were really tough for Jono, he hated having the plastic tube in his mouth and started to feel really sick. So they did what they could with him.
After a couple of drinks of water he was well enough to go for physiotherapy. He had his muscles tested and the physiotherapist was going to give him some exercises to help his muscles but he is in so much pain she said that she couldn’t give him any to do. Then swabs were taken by the nurses back on the day ward, they were all fine except for the mouth one which made Jono feel ill again, it’s to do with the Asperger’s syndrome he just hates anything like that.
Finally he had a ecg/echo and thought it was cool to see his heart on the screen and then we got to talk to the spinal nurse who explained all about the operation to us.

We won’t know if the surgery is to be carried out on the 27th until Thursday, which I think is mad, but it seems that’s how it’s done.

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  1. Been wondering how you’ve got on. Pity you didn’t get a good night’s sleep but glad you’re still here to tell the tale! Hopefully they’ll have got all they need from Jono and they’ll be able to do the op asap. Fingers crossed xx

  2. They probably have to wait to get the results back from the bloodwork. Proud of you, Jono. Tests aren’t fun. But, I had an echo done a couple of months ago and I thought it was cool watching my heart on the screen, too… 🙂
    Love to all from this side of the pond…

  3. Aww, you are all doing brilliantly. Kids are so resilient and us mums look on with such pride (and worry). Fingers crossed for the op to go ahead.
    Looking forward to hearing about the success.
    Take care.x

  4. I have my fingers crossed for ye that you get the 27th!! Tell Jono that I wish him the best and that the worst part of the op is thinking about it!! I was in for a knee op at his age and all I remember now is the fun times and friends I made in hospital!! Its been a long road for you guys and I hope this all turns out well for you!

    OK! Back to study!! Good to catch up!

    ps – I like Michael Buble!!!!!

  5. Wishing you all the luck in the world – you both popped into my mind so many times this week and I was wondering how it was going for you….. Marie

  6. Its so hard to watch your kids go through things like that – but it will be wonderful when things start getting better for you all…..

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