Feeling Grateful on Good Friday

It’s been a mixed bag of a week. After the stumble there were a couple more wobbles. It teaches me I’m not invincible and to pay more head of my feelings so that’s a good thing.

What became clear this week was that although I’m a fairly isolated person it has been people who have settled me. I’m not talking about crowds of people because I really can’t deal with them anymore. If a shop is too busy I’ll leave. There were a couple of moments yesterday when a panic attack was looming and if Lucy hadn’t been beside me whispering breathe I don’t know what would have happened. So that’s huge for me and for Lucy who has her own anxiety issues.

I also interviewed some people this week which was just lovely. I love chatting to people and finding out what inspires them. They were all so incredibly open and of course that opens up the floodgates for me and everything comes spilling out! Where’s that health warning I should come with?

Another moment was the event I was at where I felt so uncomfortable – in fact it gives me the shivers thinking back to it. I was blessed to be beside a lady I’d only spoken to online briefly but never met. If she wasn’t there I would have left. She was just so calm and lovely and kept me on an even keel.

The biggest one for me is my lovely new project that I’m working on. This time it’s not just me, I have a fantastic lady along with me. I love our meetings and I love working with her. It’s early days but I’ll tell you about it soon.

Hope you all have a lovely Easter.

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