Would you B-Lieve It

You know I had my little internal wobble at the weekend? I was kind of wondering what set me off because I’d been doing so well and guess what? I was a month late getting my B12 injection! So that has answered a lot of questions.

It probably answers why my mood was a bit off, why I had trouble sleeping and why I’ve been forgetful. I’ve had the injection today so hopefully I’ll be as right as rain soon. Although I’m quite proud of the way I carried on and didn’t let things get to me as I would have done a few months ago. Progress 🙂

2 thoughts on “Would you B-Lieve It

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  1. Great progress Val…nice to be in a spot where one can see progress, even when things do go sideways…<3

  2. You go, girl! I’ve had a debilitating bout of anxiety over the fall and winter. I hate it! It’s getting better now, bit by bit. I have some good days and some bad ones, but the good ones are becoming more frequent. I know what I’m anxious about, but I don’t know what set it off so severely. I just take little steps to get out of the house and be with others. Here’s to our recovery!

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