The Power of the Pen

It’s been a mixed bag of emotions this week. I feel like I’m on a wave, sometimes I’m a champion surfer riding the white horses, other times I’m struggling to stay afloat. I have found a new thing that helps though.

I picked up a pen this week and just started writing, mainly just words to describe how I was feeling. Some of these words formed sentences and some formed ‘kind of poems’. I call them that because I don’t know what else to call them. Most are too dark to share although I might share them when I feel better.

I say better although I don’t actually feel like there is a cure for me at the moment. Instead I feel there is a way of coping, but that’s OK because I can deal with that. The worst thing for me is not being in control.

I’ve taken a bit of a step away from Social Media for the time being, especially Facebook, so if you don’t see me on there that often don’t worry. Anyway here’s something I wrote on a happier day this week:

Coming Home

Packing up, moving out, moving in,
A laden car, a happy heart, a coffee along the way.
A noisy house, an untidy room, echoes of laughter,
A temporary happiness.
Needed, wanted, loved.



2 thoughts on “The Power of the Pen

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  1. I filched this from an ad for a ball point pen, don’t tell!
    “The purest transfer of our mind’s content to the world happens when you connect pen to paper. Science has shown the profoundly positive impact that connection has on our ability to express, learn, and remember.”
    Ride the swell, Val.

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