When Panic Attacks

So there I was today minding my own business, going about life, thinking I was doing OK….well as OK as I could be in my present state of mind….it was too good to be true. I should have known it.

My ‘routine’ in my head got a bit scuppered and it really threw me. I started to panic, pulled myself together enough to get to the doctors and lost control. I ended up having an awful panic attack. I was a shaking, sobbing, uncontrollable mess. I couldn’t breathe and to be honest I thought I was going to die. I’m so grateful for the lovely surgery nurse who calmed me down and who was just so kind to me and also to the GP. They were both so helpful to me and I really appreciate them being there for me.

I’m now on new medication so I’m really hoping it kicks in – or that I manage to sort out whatever this stuff going on in my head is all about. I’m just so fed up with it all at the moment. I thought I had a handle of things and today proved to me that I really don’t.  So sadly no words of wisdom from me today but if you are out there and you are suffering there is help out there and it is OK to say you aren’t OK.


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  1. And this too shall pass. There will always be blips along the way, some bigger than others, but in the bigger scheme of recovery they will lessen. Remember it’s the fear of being afraid that’s behind these attacks and you made it past the previous ones just fine. You will again, so always remember that Val.

  2. Knowing exactly what a panic attack like this is like I can only say that it makes me so sad to hear that you’re going through this.
    I’ve been in treatment for depression and anxiety disorder for about 7 years and I must tell you that though I’ve felt “OK” for longer periods I know that a panic attack may come out of the blue and though after all these years I’ve learned to deal with the attacks they still making me feel like I’ll die, like I’m powerless, defenseless… I always feel the need that someone hold my hand during the attacks and keep telling me that I’m not alone 😦
    What has been helpful to me, Val is keeping in mind that the sensation is that I will die but actually a panic attack won’t kill me (as I’ve had them for nearly 8 years and still alive lol) so what I have to do is trying to calm down, ask for help (when I’m by myself I call someone who I trust and can count on and ask them to speak to me till the attack passes) and hope that those 5 (or so) minutes pass quickly.
    I hope that new medication has kicked in already and that these episodes become less and less frequent in your life.
    Big hug!

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