I’m not a poet….

I saw the Strokestown Poetry Festival looking for poems for a competition earlier this year. For the craic I wrote something, needless to say it didn't get shortlisted. I think I should stick to the photography.   Whispering trees The trees whisper of lives lost too soon the hunger of a nation who cried to... Continue Reading →

Looking back

When I was at my lowest I started writing. I dug out the notebook today and I can't even remember writing some of the things! There are a couple that jumped out at me though, and actually had me shaking my head that I wrote them, so I've decided to publish them here. The first... Continue Reading →

A sort of poem

As I haven't been picking up the camera I've been messing about writing. On one of my walks I was inspired to write this - it's a sort of poem (I think!) A cottage with a red tin roof, stone walls whispering silent tales to anyone who cares to listen. Dandelion fairies dance in the... Continue Reading →

For N

A safe place, a friendly face, a golden globe of light. A dancing flame that speaks my name and chases away the night. The shadow is there but there's warmth in the air, Held in the haven of this room. A sacred hour, a healing power, That helps diminish the doom.

The Power of the Pen

It's been a mixed bag of emotions this week. I feel like I'm on a wave, sometimes I'm a champion surfer riding the white horses, other times I'm struggling to stay afloat. I have found a new thing that helps though. I picked up a pen this week and just started writing, mainly just words... Continue Reading →

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