Irish Poet Maeve McKenna launches Debut Chapbook

Sligo based poet Maeve McKenna brings to life new chapbook, A Dedication To Drowning. On February 18th 2022 Maeve McKenna will be joined by Anne Tannam, who will introduce Maeve's work. The event will take place online and Maeve will perform poems from the collection and take any answers from the audience. Attendees will be... Continue Reading →

I’m not a poet….

I saw the Strokestown Poetry Festival looking for poems for a competition earlier this year. For the craic I wrote something, needless to say it didn't get shortlisted. I think I should stick to the photography.   Whispering trees The trees whisper of lives lost too soon the hunger of a nation who cried to... Continue Reading →

Looking back

When I was at my lowest I started writing. I dug out the notebook today and I can't even remember writing some of the things! There are a couple that jumped out at me though, and actually had me shaking my head that I wrote them, so I've decided to publish them here. The first... Continue Reading →

A sort of poem

As I haven't been picking up the camera I've been messing about writing. On one of my walks I was inspired to write this - it's a sort of poem (I think!) A cottage with a red tin roof, stone walls whispering silent tales to anyone who cares to listen. Dandelion fairies dance in the... Continue Reading →

For N

A safe place, a friendly face, a golden globe of light. A dancing flame that speaks my name and chases away the night. The shadow is there but there's warmth in the air, Held in the haven of this room. A sacred hour, a healing power, That helps diminish the doom.

The Power of the Pen

It's been a mixed bag of emotions this week. I feel like I'm on a wave, sometimes I'm a champion surfer riding the white horses, other times I'm struggling to stay afloat. I have found a new thing that helps though. I picked up a pen this week and just started writing, mainly just words... Continue Reading →

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