Sligo Shops – Chiara Poli – The Italian Wardrobe

Chiara Poli

The Italian Wardrobe, a high-fashion Italian boutique located on Market Street, Sligo, first opened in 2008 and moved to a bigger premises in 2012. Chiara Poli owns the shop and told us she moved to Ballyshannon 8 years ago from Italy and doesn’t miss it at all.

Chiara Poli

Chiara said people come from all over Ireland and the UK just to shop in her boutique, which is a reflection of the quality and uniquity displayed in the shop.


The shop captures your attention with its exterior, displaying brightly coloured flowers in window boxes. When I first walked into the shop, I noticed how bright and airy the shop was, and the fact everything was organised and colour coordinated made it easy to navigate my way around the shop. The shop was softly lit and the chandelier hanging from the ceiling really set the ambience of the place.The changing rooms were a real gem (I’d go as far as to say the best changing rooms I’ve ever set foot in!), containing a chair, an array of magazines set on a dressing table and a full length mirror.

Dressing room

The shop caters for sizes 8-24, something that will surely be appreciated by women who feel some shops don’t cater for their needs. Chiara is a bit like a fashion consultant: if you aren’t sure what you’re looking for, she will spend time chatting with you to clarify what kind of outfit you have in mind. This is perfect for shoppers who feel a bit out of their comfort zone. Chiara and her assistant Manuela always have time to help you, making for a satisfying shopping experience. The free coffee while browsing is also a welcome bonus!


Chiara said her shop is unique to Sligo because every item sold in the shop is imported from Italy, all from Italian designers and with prices to suit every budget. The shop has a limited number of each item, meaning it’s unlikely you’ll show up to an event wearing the same thing as someone else!


Chiara hand-picks every single item and chooses accessories, shoes and bags to match each item. Chiara tries to stick to natural fibers and specialises in silk, linen and cotton materials in the summer. I can see she really cares about fashion and what she is selling.



The Italian Wardrobe is open Tuesday – Saturday (the shop is closed Sunday and Monday). The shop also has a website. Chiara is happy to post items to you if you find something that catches your eye. If you get the chance, be sure to go in for a look – you won’t be disappointed.

TulipThanks to Lucy for writing this post. You can check out her blog here.

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  1. Molto bellissimo! I’ve always wanted to go in but have been afraid to because I know I’ll want to buy it all … but can’t! Maybe when I become a highly paid curator next year 🙂 Lucy, you are a remarkable writer with a real flair, so we Sligonians are delighted to read your posts. And Val, your photos are superb, as ever.

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