Gallivanting around Grange

I was in Grange yesterday for a business meeting, ooh get me! It gave me the chance to visit The Jam Pot cafe which I've wanted to try for ages. It's a lovely place and I really enjoyed my chocolate, beetroot and avocado cake - which shouldn't have worked but it was delicious. There's a... Continue Reading →

Christmas Shopping in Sligo

Just in case you are looking for a bit of inspiration for gift ideas/shops in Sligo I thought I'd do a blog post that might be of some help.   Sligo isĀ theĀ #adventurecapitalĀ so why not give the gift of adventure? Many of the activity providers have vouchers for sale and it'd be something for the recipient... Continue Reading →

Day trip to Longford

I heard an advert for Iceland in Longford on iRadio a couple of weeks ago. How did I never hear there was an Iceland in Longford?? It's about an hours drive from here so Lucy and I headed over there today.Ā  Iceland, for those who don't know, is a freezer food shop. Lucy was looking... Continue Reading →

Sligo Sales Shopping

I dragged myself out of my little comfortable bubble that I have found myself living in for the last two weeks and went into Sligo with Jono and Lucy. I wanted to get a couple of bits in the sales - just socks and a nightgown (very rock and roll!) I had seen some lovely... Continue Reading →

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