Fund it failure

April MoonFirstly the photo doesn’t have anything at all to do with the blog post but I took it last night so I may as well post it. A lovely friend of mine applied to ‘Fund it’ to try and get me the camera I’m hoping to get and also to enable me to finish Sligo-secrets.

Anyway to cut a long story short the Fund it people said no because they felt the website isn’t creative and that’s what Fund it is about. I can totally understand that and at least I know now, although I was disappointed when I heard as it just seems like I’m never going to get this camera.

I know it’s not a big deal to most people and I was told on my Facebook page yesterday people are struggling to feed their children and they don’t care about me and my camera. So that kind of put it into perspective for me.  I suppose the thing about the photos I take is that it’s all voluntary and I never get paid so to get this camera would enable me to continue as once the camera I have goes back I’m going to be stuck.

So that’s everyone up to date anyway and maybe the people who urged me to do a Fund it campaign will read this. Thanks so much to everyone for your support though.

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  1. So sorry this didn’t work out Val.
    And how unfair of people to criticise, you’re as entitled to have what you need as anyone; you do so much good for everyone voluntarily, don’t let them get you down.

  2. 😦 this is very sad!
    Also sorry that you got a bit of a hard time on your page!
    I know you and I know you haven’t had it easy so people pointing out others misfortune is a bit out of order in my opinion.
    Having a new camera will open up so many doors for you and help you in the quest to feeding your own family.
    Sligo should be so grateful for you using your time to promote the of Sligo.
    P. S. When you visit Fabio for your blog, I will.come to.hold 😉

    1. I guess I deserved the hard time, although I didn’t need another kick when I was already down but people are entitled to their own opinions.
      Yes Fabio would be a great blog post, I must pay him a visit.

  3. Hi Val, I dont know if you have considered having some of your photos enlarged and/or block mounted and sell a limited number of them to raise funds for the camera? When you did the snow day in Gleniff so many of us loved the old ruined house. I for one would love to purchase a copy of it from you and give it a place in my home. Just a thought…. let me know if its feasible. Best of luck, Ann Donnelly

    1. Hi Ann, I was thinking about maybe selling some prints. Block mounted would be very expensive but enlargements wouldn’t be too bad. Thanks for your comment and support, Val

  4. Didn’t see the Facebook criticism but I’m sure it hurt.
    I think it’s unfair ( and possible incorrect) for Fund It to say your Sligo Secrets isn’t creative. Photography is a form of the visual arts and just because you don’t photoshop the hell out of it doesn’t make it any less valid – in my opinion it makes it better.
    As has been said before, perhaps you could sell prints – some of the markets or shops around Sligo might sell them.

    1. I deleted the post on Facebook, didn’t need the hassle to be honest.
      I tried a couple of shops in Sligo to see if they would sell the prints but they already stock other photographers work so weren’t interested in getting more in. Thanks for the reply 🙂

  5. Val, I’ve only recently come across your blog. My great, great grandparents are from the Sligo area so I have a keen interest in getting to know the area. Your photos have certainly helped there. Have you considered putting a PayPal donation button on your site? There must be plenty of people like me who would be happy to donate something to thank you for the wonderful photos you share. Also, (speaking from my web site building and marketing expertise), I think you could very easily set yourself up as a source for photo prints. And in this day of advanced technology, people could pay you for a print and download it to print out on their end or take to a professional. You wouldn’t even have to bother with printing and shipping. Something to think about. Hope this is helpful.

    1. Thank you Cia. For some reason I’ve only just seen your comment. I hope you read that I did in fact get my camera 🙂 Four lovely Sligo businesses bought it for me.

  6. Hard luck, Val. I hope that you achieve your goal soon. You most certainly deserve it. It’s not like you’re going to eat the camera; only bring visitors and tourists to Sligo!

  7. Sorry to hear your fund it attempt wasn’t successful. I think it’s unfair of people to say that other people are struggling blah blah. Firstly, what’s the harm in asking? Secondly, there will always be someone worse off, it doesn’t mean that we don’t deserve happiness.
    I agree with the other comment where you should try to sell your prints, how about selling on ebay or on etsy?

  8. I’m really sorry to hear that. Maybe there is another way to raise money? I would give a small donation, and if many do the same you’d be able to buy the camera. Did you ever think about journalism? You know the area so well, I’m sure you could get a job for the local paper. Or maybe some tourism-thing. Then you would be paid for what you do.

  9. Just dropping a quick note to day that I saw online gSligo Now are looking for a freelance photographer. I immediately thought- oh magnum lady would b perfect for that!Maybe there is another way to get the camera after all…

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