In praise of M&S

A post in praise Marks and Spencer. When I was a young thing I used to chuckle at my mother shopping in M&S, how little I knew. When I got older I realised M&S did the best knickers, they held in the bits they were meant to and lasted for years. Yesterday the charity shop... Continue Reading →

Size Matters

Am I the only person having problems with clothing sizes these days? I've come to the conclusion that I can't fit into anything these days. Don't get me wrong I'm not a whale...well maybe a baby one...but I do have a rather large backside and chunky legs. Recently I've had the horror of trying something... Continue Reading →

Fashion in Sligo

The first ever Sligo Fashion Trail happened on Thursday and I went along as one of the bloggers. Yes I know I'm not a fashionista but I still have to wear clothes and was hoping for some inspiration. There were indeed some beautiful outfits but I will never have a model sized figure and I never... Continue Reading →

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